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Nestled between the majestic redwoods and the rugged coast of Monterey Bay, Santa Cruz is the birthplace of Sunchai's Masala Chai Teas. For more than twenty years connoisseurs of Chai have savored the natural goodness of Masala Chai amidst some of the world's most majestic coast line - from San Francisco to Carmel.

Sunchai handcrafts every bit of Chai Tea in small batches using the finest ginger, and whole spices. Clove, Star Anise, Cardamom, Black Pepper, pure Vanilla, and selected teas are micro brewed under the watchful eyes of Sunchai Brew Masters to assure the finest comforting and energetic Chai. Each and every batch is taste-tested several times during brewing by our Brew Masters and Head Brewer to assure that the best possible flavor is coaxed from the whole natural spices. We balance the intense taste of Masala spices with 100% natural honey straight from California's beekeepers. There are never any corn filler sugars used in Sunchai's Chai Tea.

Sunchai Teas are carefully packaged in Food Service, recyclable, plastic one gallon containers with a convenient pull tab seal protected by a screw top lid. Each gallon makes twenty one individual twelve ounce servings when combined with your choice of soy milk or other milk products. Serve hot and frothy in a comfortable mug or elegant china tea cup, and sense the delicate balance of fine spices and bold ginger. Experience the invigorating bite of ginger, the warming feel of pepper, and the extravagance of cardamom melded with other Indian spices like Star Anise, Cinnamon, Coriander, Cloves and Allspice. It's all tied together by pure vanilla and orange that wrap themselves around the full flavor of fine black tea.

In warmer weather, serve Chai with milk over ice for an iced Chai, blend with ice cream for a unique milkshake, or freeze for a Chai granite. For more Chai serving ideas, check our recipes.

Phone: (831) 429-8122
Toll Free: (888) 309-9516
2131 Delaware Ave Suite C
Santa Cruz, Ca 95060